Big Sister Sneaks On Campus And Eliminates The Girl Who’s Bullying Her Little Brother

The girl wearing the red shirt is a high school senior and probably the most popular kid on campus but also known as a bully.

She allegedly disrespected a young small freshman boy at school in front of all of his classmates spreading rumors that he is a homosexual person.

Well the boys older sister showed up on campus the next day to teach the Bully a valuable life lesson.

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        1. Now That’s Big Sister Luv. That B**** Bully Deserved It. LOL

          Never Intimidate Anyone! Remember Its Not What They Know Its Who They Know.

          1. My little boy is 10 and all last year was bullied and finally my son kicks his ass and got 1 day kicked out of school wish he had a big brother or sister to protect him

          2. So what the hell she just did bullied her. The young lady clearly didn’t want to fight. On the other hand ,she did teach her ass a lesson🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤯

          3. Love it!!! The girl obviously had no remorse or respect because she would have talked to the sister and apologized for being mean instead She had an attitude and got what she deserved!

          1. I don’t condone violence but a little slap here and there was well deserved! Young kids take away their lives bc of bullies, kids might think it’s funny but we don’t know how that could affect that one kid

          2. I feel she may have deserved what she got and never look at that young man again without feeling some kind of way. When she gets home she’ll ponder what bulling really is and the repercussions. Best lesson ever, good job sis.

          3. I feel she may have deserved what she got and never look at that young man again without feeling some kind of way. When she gets home she’ll ponder what bulling really is and the repercussions. The bad/sad part to this is sis probably got hooked/arrested for her actions shortly after. Best lesson ever, good job sis.

        2. I need to know you fucking hear me… slaps then kicks … good for you bully … you’ll never bully again…. after that ass whooping

          1. As a big sister she did exactly what she was supposed to do. The schools don’t do shit until the bullied child retaliates or someone stands up for them. GOOD JOB BIG SISTER!!!!

          2. She did an exceptional job sticking up for her little brother. Crazy how the bully didn’t wanna fight the sister since she is of age that will teach her ass.

        3. That happens do often and always ignored because she’s popular …glad that big sis took care of her brother “I Am My BROTHERS KEEPER”

          1. Not only won’t she bully him again, the whole school knows not to bully her little brother. Like in a the comment I read, schools don’t address the problem, they know it’s happening and do nothing. So to big sister 2 thumps up

          2. ITS A about time I had already said million times and no schools those teachers don’t do anything kid shouldn’t be kit on talk about emotionally damaged or self-esteem knocked on maybe your parents are taught to never just ignore them don’t hit the girl girls punch boys slap boys scratch boys they’re mean to the boys when they’re at home being taught a certain way and just turn the other cheek but what happens when this kind of stuff happens it’s been going on and teachers and administrators and Educators shame on y’all y’all should have been talked to these students you should they don’t like being snitches but they should be talking to someone counselors anybody tell the name and Dad the person who bullies the students to do something to them because it should be an audience against School violence to intimidate and manipulate these kids because they’re not they’re not a bully but please don’t bully with other bullies bullies always find somebody that’s their target and so I believe his sister stood up for him maybe she went about a little bit wrong but unfortunately they must have been talking about it she knew something was wrong with her his her brother so it been happening teachers young lady got other people picking on him call him a homosexual or something even the kids who can’t read they have a learning disability do you think it’s right for people to just emotionally cut them down until they self-esteem up cuz they slower than them that’s not right y’all need to pay attention good job maybe she just need to talk into her how she let it out cuz she was frustrated on finding out who’s picking on her brother but that young lady needs to apologize to her brother. And yes she heard you she asked you a question did you hear her you didn’t answer so everybody knew that you was targeting her brother. The administrators and Educators didn’t I take it serious in naughty he’s going to keep getting picked on he kept telling people and he went home and his sister got upset and it’s not a it’s not a joke to try to label somebody as being a Target or a homosexual because they don’t react the way that another bully wants them to react. I don’t care if it’s out of the event in classroom in the bathrooms cafeteria library on the school bus the moment that that student leaves home till they enter school and while they’re in school and back home bullies should be handled it’s in the book If y’all have not enforced it or either talk to officer offices are counselors y’all need to deal with it because it’s happening everyday this is why they got guns in the schools knives and people learning karate think about it kickboxing coming into you always saying that the students have weapons don’t be surprised they’re being taught discipline but they also being taught how to defend themselves….Good!!, now, she to this girls brother & her and them.both can clear the air and have a better understanding of whats.happened and that.the seriousness.of the bullying will.not.continue……

            Nor, anymore surprised visits if the schools and administrators or.educators will help stay aware and observe their students.behavior and actions…
            Remember, he may not.was the only one, bullying is out the question, in.becoming popular.
            Nobody, is why many.children.kill or die or have issues, afraid or in because.of.what the Bully. May say or does.!! It.happens all the time, until actions against the one who.causing them the victims .pain…

            Adults gets bullied at work or school as well.
            Whats the solutions?

        4. My sister would never do this. She would be friends with the girl in the red sweater and talk shit about me with her to anyone that would listen

          1. ∂αми ѕтяαιgнт тαυgнт тнαт вυℓℓу α ℓєѕѕσи ѕнє ωιℓℓ иєνєя fσяgєт❗️❗️❗️❗️💕

          1. So what?!!!..smf!
            The bully shouldn’t have went there..(on her little brother) Many kids are Killing themselves over being bullied!!
            They take bullying Very Very serious these days.
            I Applaud the Big Sister!!
            Instant Karma!!
            Bet she will think twice and Never mess with him again!!

        1. It’s clearly true that she’s a bully just look and listen to the other students. Great job big sis 1 down and way too many to go but they to will eventually get it too.

          1. I’m glad someone stopped the bully, If the sister wouldn’t have stopped this ,that little boy would have done something to hisself, This is why children Commit suicide because they are being bullied at school and no one is doing anything about it, the principal and staff should be held responsible when children are being bullied at school.

        1. Yes hunni I would’ve done the same thing if u bullied my little brother or sister or anyone we gotta do something about these bulles bet that girl learned he lesson if not another ass whooping will follow… oookkkuuurrr 😂…

          1. Good Sister!!! Her little brother would have gotten tired of the bullying and did something to himself. Not on his Sister watch. She want try bullying nobody else child

      1. Bullying can end in suicide, I commend her for stepping up….for her won’t bully anyone else..I put $ on that!!!…

          1. She had it coming bullying is a very serious matter that needs more attention. Ppls are really killing themselves over shit like this.

            However, if it was me I would have went too the bored of education first and then anything wasn’t done then I would have result to this.

          1. Good job she think twice befor she bully somebody else you should have made her apologize to him in front of all his friends make sure she know it this continue you’ll be back I think you did excellent good job

        1. Yes this exactly what that girl I bet she won’t do that shit again oh well that the world has seen your ass get beat and I blame the school for allowing her to bully kids and they knew it

        2. Well in all honesty she’s just protecting her little brother it’s not like he can do it himself I mean for goodness sakes it is a girl that is bullying him maybe she’ll learn to keep her mouth shut

      2. If I was sister.. I would have beat up everybody that hurt you💋 Hope they only empowered you to be greater.

    1. Just not on school campus. But yeah you go girl. My big sister would do it for me. And I did it for my little brother. I hate bullies

      1. Well I guest that young white girl will never bully another black kid again. She got her white privilege revoked.

        1. Only thing I wish she had done was catch her after school, she probably would have had more time on that ass! Great job!

      2. What the f*** you mean not on school campus she bully him on school campus y’all kill me you can tell she one of these people you can’t reason with maybe if it feels a relative of yours you would have reason and they would have kept on getting bullied shut the f******

        1. Yup she gave her exactly what she did to her little brother , humiliated her in front of the school 🤷🏻‍♀️

        2. Not on school campus because of the charges she’s going to catch (trespassing, assault) if the were outside she could have whooped her ass and left.

        3. Not school campus only because big sis is going to get in trouble for being on campus which could be trespassing.

        4. I think that they said not on school campus so that she doesn’t get caught. The beat-down was well deserved. 🙂

    2. Now do it again and see what happens! A school referral won’t fix this problem but a good @$$ kicking will! Bullies deserve just what they ask for…

    3. Maybe it’s.been going on & the school or.Educators.didnt take or are to be observant @ the door.while students are.passing to.their classes, as.well, as in.classes.. Bullying, is not.a Joke to the students or people who are being Targeted of Labled!! This is Exactly why many try to kill themselves, skip or drop out…if not bring weapons due to their fear or hatred…



          1. I’ m sure that the bully B itch got a broken nose, black eyes and missing or loose teeth. The bully Bitch deserved it.

      1. She got exactly what she deserved! I bet her bullying days are over! I just wish the sister hadn’t gone on school grounds.

        1. She’s a bully you dumb ass. It is okay to bully people smaller than you but when it comes back at you from someone your size or a tad larger then you have a problem I am so sorry she got what she deserved…

      2. That girl earned that beating. Stop picking on people. Use your popularity to be nice and help others that don’t have confidence. It anyone ever messes with my younger sibs, they’d definitely be catching these hands!

        1. That there would teach her a lesson not to bully kids in school that’s good for her she deserves what she get all the way smash Hulk don’t like bullies

      3. You never know who people know… as big and bad as ypu think you are there’s someone bigger and badder out there that can put you in your place!

    1. Unfortunately, these bullies are going to have to suffer the same fate, because the schools do nothing.

      She need her ass kicked, and that’s what she got.

  1. im glad she wooped her ass But! she should have confronted her about her actions against her brother first! then whipped her ass!

    1. She did😂 in the video you can clearly hear her asking why she thought it was okay to bully someone and why she thought it was funny

    2. It’s great that the attacker had a motive “ her brother got disrespected “ but ! How’s he going to learn to stand up for himself if your always willing his ass ! And what if ? You accidentally killed the person . All it takes is one hit . Fro. The ground or a fist etc , is it really worth killing someone over and then going to prison . Just saying . think Mcfly think

      1. Shedidn’t get killed and how you think the families of all the young kids that tried or did kill him or her self for being bullied i wish she could have waited until she left school grounds but she didn’t oooh well now she knows how it fill to be humiliated

        1. You know what y’all asked make me sick she shouldn’t have confronted s*** she know what the f*** she did she beat her ass and that’s what she needed to do

      2. He probably refuse to hit a girl and that is the reason the lil broad was constantly disrespecting him. He got his sister he did right.

          1. I know a few gays that would whip your ass. Shit I know a few of em in jail for murder. I have a great place you can go to and scream that out as proudly as you did through your keyboard and bet you won’t make it out😊

          2. Nothing wrong with being gay. Maybe the little bro is and maybe he isn’t. It makes no difference.
            Stop being a jerk.

        1. The sad thing about this is the bullying girl probably already has self esteem issues…likely why she picks on other people. Now she has probably more issues son e she was beat up and noone intervened. The big sis will likely go to jail and the young man will still get teased about his sis fighting his battle. Nobody will s in this. But the bully is probably going to need medical attention and therapy.😞

      3. Bro so you mean to tell me the brother should have beat up that girl. In my opinion no matter what I man should not hit a woman

        1. The brother should have beat the shit out of the bully himself. If parents are not going to step in and teach these “lessons” from young then… the bitch should get the after math a lot quicker by anyone. Man woman same shit. You’re a piece of shit of a human being so you get corrected as one

          1. It’s clearly true that she’s a bully just look and listen to the other students. Great job big sis 1 down and way too many to go but they to will eventually get it too.

        2. I think your all evil. I don’t know where’s the proof? How do I know that’s the truth. And if it is, is retaliation like this acceptable? Did she touch that boy? Waith. Because you’re asking for more trouble. These people might want to fight you back again. They could retaliate even more. You are out of God’s will. You will be judged by your own actions. Call out to God. You are all angry PEOPLE. You live by the sword you die by the sword. And you will go to hell for acting out evil like Satan. You will be in hell with Saran.

          1. First off stfu she got want she deserved since you’re calling us evil and referring to God the Bible says:

            Judge not for ye be judge

            Do unto others as you would have done unto you

            Been slow to speak for the power of life and death is in the tongue.

            And you reap what you sow

            Shes is reaping the fruits of the seeds she’s sewn

      4. if the brother had whipped her ass he would be labeled a POS because he is a boy who beat a girl up regardless of what she may have done to him

      5. The child being bullied is more likely to die than the girl getting an old-fashioned ass whoopin! Think McFly, think!

  2. I rather she do this then Her brother committing Suicide, if he is gay or not, still is not right to degrade someone that may or may not be gay, teen/Gay suicide is on the rise..the school didn’t do anything about this so she had to teach her a lesson..I’m not down for violence but I am for sticking up against Bullying….

      1. not everybody has the life-skills for “backing his own shit up.” Maybe you need to take a look around.

        1. thats why u develop those “life Skills” quick if you cant defend yourself than youre probably not Fit to last long in this world but he did the right thing letting a girl handle another girl kuz he would have got kick out of school fa sho for beating up a female

          1. WoW she whooped her ass as she shudv
            I bet that bully isnt bullying anyone else

      2. You can’t defend yourself from a female. You call her a bitch now your i trouble bc shes a girl. Soooo let your big sister take care of it.. So the next bitch knows. Duh stupid. I’d slap tf out of her but why when i would get in deeper shit then just letting my sister do it for me..

      3. You dumbass fuckin idiot he’s not a wimp and he’s a man and knows it TF U THINK HES GONNA DO HIT A GIRL

        1. Am I the only one who thinks the big sister was wrong for bully the bully ? Teach your brother not to be wimp instead because you can’t fight all his battle. I didn’t have any older sibilings so I fought my own battles. Just my opinion since I use to get bullied all the time to but wasnt soft about it.

          1. Mother from NYC this gurl thinks this is funny/cute to belittle someone character. She is so insecure Abbott herself she picks on younger school mates. She got just what she deserve her butt beat by a female sibling b. Kids are killing themself says:
        1. I said the bully got for lite, cause if it were me, I’ll beat her ass, like big sister did, then beat her again the second she walked out of school

      4. He’s not a wimp he got his sister to handle that female. I just wish she didn’t do it on the school grounds.
        But I guarantee she won’t be bullying anyone else.

  3. I don’t condone violence, but a bully is a bully is a bully. I was bullied all through school until i learned to stick up for myself and learned how to box. I noticed no one came to the bullies aid? I heard”hit her again” and laughing. Karma.

      1. All of the people responding to this incident have to be children. This was totally unacceptable behavior. This girl breached a school campus that she had no business at and physically assaulted a student opening herself up to criminal prosecution and it’s all on tape. We have got to learn how to handle our issues without resorting to barbaric resolutions. We are better than this. We are smarter than this. Violence is not the answer.

  4. The school system never does anything about bullying. I would’ve done the same thing and gladly gone to jail 🤷🏻‍♀️


    2. Awesome job u should of not only gave her the beaten she deserved u should of also made her ass walk around school but ass naked for her ass to learn

  5. Yeah, I would tear that ass up for bothering my siblings. I am sure the brother was think,” it’s above me now”.

    1. And what should happen to the bitch that picked on the little boy? He can’t be no more than 13 or 14! Keep letting Trump pump your ass’s up for a beat down!

  6. This is sad all the way around but if it saved her brother, then so be it. I can’t stand a bully! and I’m sure those same ones that were rooting to “hit her again” and laughing at the bully being beat up are most likely the very same ones that laughed when the bully was bullying the kid brother.

    1. Why should she go to jail for assault the bullies never go to jail when the child they bully commit suicide do they stfu that’s goid she beat her ass she should bug sister got real flex

  7. Clearly the bully has done that to her brother and far worse to others as you can hear people laugh and say hit her again even the teacher let her get hit a few more times

  8. And the teachers yelling stop now but have nothing to say when the bullying is going on…they walk past and think there just kids… Fix the problem and sibiling wouldnt have to show up… The others didn t help her cause they watch that girl bully others and as long as its not them they laugh until someone hurt…fix the problem people… Point these bullies out and lets handle them

    1. If the School Administration Did their Damn Job Regarding Bullying This Shit wouldn’t happen..and believe me It won’t be the last… Kudo’s Big Sis

    2. My granddaughter fought for her younger sister because she was being bullied and I didn’t like her fighting in school but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

  9. When someone is not fighting back and you keep attacking that makes you a bully as well ! That big bitch should get her ass beat too

    1. It’s what happens when you confront a bully. That know they’re wrong so fighting back doesn’t make sense. I bet she won’t bully anyone else at the school!

    2. I don’t know… I mean she could’ve stopped but when someone picks on your fam you have to go all out to stop it…

    3. All she had to say to stop the attack was “yes” or “I understand.” Simple as that. She kept getting beat for the same reasons she got beat in the first place; being an overconfident, arrogant, self-involved twat.

    4. Bitch stfu she beat her fuckin ass like she should have… That’s what happens when you let your mouth overload your ass… She’s not a bully she’s a protector…

    5. Bitch stfu…That’s what happens when you let your mouth overload your ass… She’s not a bully she’s a protector…

  10. Served her right. I’ll bet that bully learned a lesson. It’s too bad the sister had to take matters in her own hands. That ass whuppin might have saved her brother from suicide…good big sister. 👊🏽

  11. I’m totally against bullying so that girl git what she deserves and no one should go to jail. Point blank, the school system never so anything about kids that bully other kids so that’s why they made big sisters and brothers😊

  12. I don’t condone violence, but sometimes someone needs a hit of reality to realize what they are doing wrong. In this situation of course it is bullying. What sucks is that the sister will now be charged with assault.

  13. You know I’ve always been tot what goes around comes around and yeah she probably shouldn’t have went to the school and whipped her but the bully got just what she deserved I can’t stand bullies my children were bullied until they started fighting back so I say to the older sister a job well done and let’s hope the bully learned from it ……..🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  14. I’m glad she whooped her ass, I am so tired of hearing about kids killing themselves due to bullying. I went to bus stops and schools to protect mine from these spineless creatures. All Bullies have one thing in common, punk ass parents!!!!

  15. This was hardcore, but probably well deserved. I wish I’d had someone to do this for me when I in was in filthy Bakersfield being traumatized by rednecks for 6 straight years non-stop. Because it does something to you. Even with self-help books, therapy, the passing of time, etc it does something permanent to your psyche. TALKING does not stop bullies. We all know that. This girl is a hero. And she clearly loves her brother. I had no one when I was in her brother’s position. She’ll probably get in terrible trouble, but I stand behind her.

  16. This was hardcore, but probably well deserved. I wish I’d had someone to do this for me when I in was in filthy Bakersfield being traumatized by rednecks for 6 straight years non-stop. Because it does something to you. Even with self-help books, therapy, the passing of time, etc it does something permanent to your psyche. TALKING does not stop bullies. We all know that. This girl is a hero. And she clearly loves her brother. I had no one when I was in her brother’s position. She’ll probably get in terrible trouble, but I stand behind her.

  17. All sad but our kids got to go to school.bullys need bullying its the only thing thats works. She old school i would of waited till she was off campus

  18. True the school doesn’t do enough to stop the bullying. Yes she might be wrong but I would’ve done the same thing.

  19. I bet she won’t fuck with him anymore? This SHIT has got to STOP! If the school won’t HELP I agree with the sister.

  20. That’s right we all know that the school system fails a lot of kids that are being bully big up to big sis.

    1. I would have love to have been a fly on the wall. She beat that ass good and I applaud her, lol swung her around like a rag doll I got a big grin on my face. You go big sister

  21. If the girl in red is popular then that school must not have any attractive one there! And who was filming, the blind student? All in all I’m glad she got them hands because a bully needs that same energy

  22. I see a lot of comments saying her brother should have defended himself 👀 HOW HIT A FEMALE🤷🏻‍♀️ NOPE!! THAT BULLY GOT JUST WHAT SHE DESERVED… Big sister handled it.. now this is going viral and will teach other bullies not to bully or this could be you being embarrassed. Let’s see how it feels to walk the halls of the school you bully and got your ass beat in 🤷🏻‍♀️ WHO’S NEXT 😂😂😂😭

  23. Good job big sister ‼️ Now God forbid the boy would’ve committed suicide for being bullied every one would be say “someone should beat her ass”

  24. Bravo my son was in Catholic School and was being bullied and they did nothing but take my tuition

    Guess what hes now in public school have to teach these bullies a lesson

    Good for you girl

  25. Why does it have to come down to violence? The world is a tough place- you need a thick skin to survive. I think this is too much. The brother could have learned to defend himself using his brain. The sister has to let the brother fight his own battles, it’s part of life.

  26. So how old is the one in the red? I wonder if the bullies parents tried to press charges. Any updates info on that???

  27. So how old is the chick with the adidas pants that’s defending her brother ? I wonder if the bullies parents tried to press charges. Any updates info on that???

  28. Fuck that i hope she goes to fucking jail! Period! Old ass going into a school? Wtf is wrong with you people? If it was your kid you would be pissed! There are other ways of getting results for asshole bullies! But this is just promoting violence!

  29. Business was handled. If it was my daughter bullying… would accept her ass whoopin. It was clean and deserved. Proud if that big sister.

  30. no one batted a eye of concern for the beat down.Seems everyone was happy someone gave her what she was giving. I do disagree with her going into the school and doing that.if she much older than her then that’s a assault and battery charge.

  31. I think she did an awesome job, yes I agree not on school grounds as she is a student the sister can get into m.k ove trouble but. I never had anyone stand up for me like that but she needed her ass kicked

  32. I commend what she did. Bullying has to stop.

    And to the creep who said that child had a smoking hot boy. You’re a sick pos!

    And to the poster that had to throw race in there. You’re an idiot.

  33. I don’t usually abdicate violence but a senior student picking and beating up on a freshman boy. Kick her ASS!! I would do the same for my little brother. I AM my brothers keeper!

  34. Bullying is serious! An 8th grader at my daughters school was bullied the result the kid went home and committed suicide unfortunately successfully! So I hate bullying and teach my kids that we don’t laugh and make fun of ppl.

  35. My daughters school had a young 8th grader being bullied she went home and committed suicide! Its really sad the things kids go through these days. So sad it had to come to this the dam school is responsible for doing nothing about this young lady bullying the little boy all of this could have been avoided.

  36. Sad part is Themis girl will get arrested for sticking out for her brother. It’s a lose/lose situation 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Go sis!

  37. That was a WFW movie with that flip. That is the only way these type of beast understand Whip that behind.

  38. She deserve every single bit of it if only we can get all these cowards that think bulling is ok n beat the bricks out of all of them this would probably end

  39. Damn. I wished I had a sister like that when I was getting bullied for a rumor and for being bisexual but nah Wrd I’m glad she kicked that girl ass cause bullying ain’t no joke

  40. good for her to get her ass kicked like that bc that is bs bullying like that it need to stop i think she will think before she bully that girl brother again finely some one stud up to a bully maybe it was not the one that was getting bully but some one stud up to her. to show her how it feels i bet she feels small now. u know i have 2 kids my daughter is 23 and my son is 19 and them 2 like to pick on each other but let someone pick on one of them the other one is right there there was one time my daughter was around 10 my son was around 7 and they went trick or treat and this boys they had to be about 10 the same age has my daughter and they started to pick on her they was not nice and my son he came up to them and told them to leave her a lone my daughter told me and she said she could not believe it that her brother did that he was lil at that time at that time it was funny bc he was lil and the boys was bigger then him i thought i would share that with u all but the bullying got to stop.

  41. My sister came to me about someone’s sister threatening to jump her. The girl saw my sister talking to me. The girl merely asked, is She your sister. I said yes. Nuff said.

  42. Good job big sisters on defending your little brother. Most schools don’t do anything about bullying so it’s up to family members to do it. I would do done the same and any school administrator that got in my way.

  43. I agree she should of whooped her ass. The schools don’t do shit. So many children are killing themselves because they are being bullied. I wish every child had a sister like this. If she was charged there should be a go fund me page. I’ll support her for doing the right thing.

  44. That bigger girl should go to jail, especially if she’s an adult.

    This video proves he should have been bullied.

    Just because your a homo doesn’t mean you get to get violent gorillas to beat kids down for teasing you.

    WTF is wrong with people?

    Just because this kid is horny for men high school girls have to be nice to them?

    If the boy was “straight”, would the senior girl have to embrace his straightness?

    Most high school boys are straight and get wayward erections…

    Do the straight boys get to have thier adult relatives come beat up girls who tease them for it?

    It’s okay to tease gay boys like you tease straigh boys. If it’s okay to say yuck to the little pimple face leg humpers, its okay to say yuck to the girly boys.

    This savagery isn’t cool… Who the hell was recording? They should go to jail too.

    This is as bad as seeing highschoolers sexing.


    1. Are you fucking retarded? He’s not even gay, the bully spread rumors that he is so that people would bully him. It says right there she is known for bullying tons of kids. She just picked the wrong one this time. She definitely deserved what she got.

  45. Ive had tk do this type of shit for my little brother. Hes half black and half white and we moved to a predominantly white area and he was bullied so bad and the school didnt do shit, so i did. I waited for them to be let out from school and let all them mfs have girls boys its didnt matter i was swinging on everybody. Needless to say no one ever bothered my brother again, and my brother learned that yes his older sister will go to jail riding for him always.#IAmMyBrothersKeeper

  46. Well, IF this story is true……. I don’t really mind the outcome. I’ve worked in education for over 20 years, as a behavior specialist also, and I see a bigger problem in the video. There were adults in the hallway just looking, how does a person who does not go to school get access and freedom to roam the halls during passing time. With this beat down that happened, imagine what else they allow within those walls. Bullying is a silent killer! That school needs to step up on ALL fronts. They let a whole person in the building roaming the halls SMH.
    Again IF this story is true…. I don’t mind the outcome

  47. The big sister will go to jail. The kid who was bullied was not taught how to ignore bullies and defend himself. The school abdicated responsibility. I don’t see any positives whatsoever coming from this.

  48. While the bully got what she deserved, a big brother coming to the rescue would have been arrested and everyone would have wanted the brother’s head on a pike.

  49. Ahhh the big sister reminds me of myself at one time.. Look I don’t care who you are, anyone that loves their family member will defend their family member!! Older sis you are the real MVP!!!
    But if I was you I would teach my lil bro some skills with them hands.. I know it was only right for you to handle it tho because the bully was female..But when the guys start messing with him he’s gotta know how to defend himself!!

  50. Freshman’s have a hard enough time adapting to HS without someone bullying them. The other kids are just walking by no one is even trying to stop it. I heard someone say hit her again I want to see it, they’re laughing. I guess her bullying days are over

  51. I salute this sister if it had been me though she would have a busted lip eye and cut open nose. Let’s see how that feels to be the stare of the school.

    This girls parents should feel ashamed they raised a arrogant brat

  52. Much needed ass whooping !! The way the system is working somebody need to stand up to these bullies 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hope she learnt her lesson

  53. Bullies have caused many people to commit suicide. Schools dont do anything until this type of retaliation happens. So sad it had to be resolved this way but as a teacher, I have to protect kids all the time from people like this.

  54. YEASSSS!!!! Good job big sis. So many kids commit suicide Because of bullying! So I commend her! She put a stop to this girl! Parents and school don’t do crap about it! She stepped up to the plate. He must feel amazing knowing that his sister had his back!! Love her ❤️❤️❤️

  55. What happened to big sister, cause I know the bully’s parents called the cops, but didn’t do anything about the bullying complaints. Pretty sure they knew….or maybe they thought she needed to be taught a lesson! SCHOOL IS IN SESSION!!!!!😂

  56. Bullying is worse when it is a girl doing it to a boy because she knows he can’t or won’t because he was taught not to harm a woman. Damn good job sis taking it for the home team!!

  57. Where was school security when she was bullying the boy 👦 oh go back in the teachers lounge.Next time catch her off campus.

  58. So, now the girl’s parents have a lawsuit against both the school & the hippopotamus that attacked their daughter. In addition, big sis is most likely going to jail for assaulting a minor & trespass. All because the bundle of sticks brother couldn’t handle his business. Yeah, really taught her a lesson (slow clap)

  59. So, now the girl’s parents have a lawsuit against both the school & the hippopotamus that attacked their daughter. In addition, big sis is most likely going to jail for assaulting a minor & trespass. All because the bundle of sticks brother couldn’t handle his business. Yeah, really taught her a lesson (slow clap)

  60. 😂😂🤣🤣 Kudos to her for defending her brother who was being bullied, but I have two questions why was the teacher standing in the hall watching. She didn’t move until the male walked up. Secondly, I wonder if those two were African American kids would the praise for her defending her sibling be the same????

  61. WOW. That is MY HIGH SCHOOL. William Henry Harrison in West Lafayette, Indiana. Holy shit, where was this fighter when I needed her a few years ago? I am stunned.

  62. 2 wrongs don’t make a right! Do not agree with this at all!,
    Bullying should never be tolerated but never handled with violence…..ever!

  63. You know what I would have done the same thing, that’s the problem with this world today thinking it’s not ok to whoop someone’s ass when it’s so deserved. Back in the day this how things got handled and how respect was given. Act a fool get an ass beating and learn. Sorry not sorry the shot worked. Now days everyone wants to pamper kids and that why we have school shootings! J/S but that’s my opinión!

  64. Big sis you go girl.
    Before anything let’s acknowledge that, the boy being bullied is someone sons who’s never going to be defended himself towards a girl.
    2) the school district wouldn’t even know until he probably commits suicide.
    3.) don’t dish out what you can’t handle.
    4.) if you feel bad for the girl, don’t cause she made her bed, and karma legit smacked some humanity into her real quick.

  65. Got what she deserved and more humiliated in front of everyone I’m a big sister, mother, auntie, in anti bullying period

  66. Great job to the big sister!!
    If the parents of the bully won’t stop her from abusing other kids then somebody else will do it.
    I’m glad she got her ass kicked

  67. Good for her!!! , bulling is just got to stop, Schools don’t do anything about this problem. You go girl

  68. I’ve I’ve got I’ve got an autistic son who doesn’t have mean bone in his body and I would be more than okay with his 11 months old younger brother beating the shit out of a bully for bullying him! My mom taught me the same way I taught my boys and my daughter you defend and stand up for those who cannot defend themselves!

  69. Remember for all those Bullies out there; When you bully a small boy or girl make sure he or she doesn’t have a big sister or big brother! Or you have your ass whooped. LOL

  70. You are all idiots, the most popular senior is picking on your brother? That means she wanted him. He is a fag, he goes and tells his sister? When I was in 9th grade, I had a tenth grade girl telling everyone I had a small dick, she never saw it! I confronted her, and she said prove it, so I pulled her outside and showed her. She dropped to her knees and sucked my dick right there. The girl in red got her ass kicked because some little fag was told he was being bullied, instead of being told to fuck the shit out her. The older sister should be arrested for all the laws she broke.

  71. There is something wrong with being called gay if you’re straight. Gay people don’t want to be called straight. Transgendered people don’t want to be misgendered. We’ve seen that when a man got “misgendered” at a convenience store. Stop saying it doesn’t matter when someone is called gay. It does. When someone is straight they’re straight.

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