BJJ Trained Kid Puts His Mom To Sleep When She Takes Away His Fortnite Video-Game
Nobody likes being having their favorite video games taken away. Under the right circumstances, it can be quite nice. But that notwithstanding, to rephrase, no kid enjoys being grounded. The authoritative child-rearing technique has fallen somewhat out of vogue in western culture over the course of the last generation amidst calls that the practice constitutes child abuse.

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But memories of acting up and receiving a swift smack on the ass from mum or dad still conjure feelings of respect and justice, without any real damage done. So when grandma, in the clip below, decided to administer some of this old school discipline, she didn’t expect her grandson to react and retaliate the way he did, and the result is something to behold.

Image result for bjj kid mother triangle choke

Before we launch in, we need to point out that the kid who is about 9 years old has been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu pretty much since he could walk. And what he lacks in size and power, given his youth, he more than makes up for in ferocity. As the clip opens, he already has grandma in a triangle hold just like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon.

It is pretty clear that whilst he knows what he is doing, Grandma does not. She either too weak or too helpless to do anything about the hold. The boy shows excellent awareness and restraint in not choking his grandmother out completely, but rather just showing her that he could.

That’s when the boy’s mum arrives and wonders what the hell is going on and why he is choking out his grandmother. In a culture that is incredibly respectful of its elders, this boy is representative of a new generation that sticks up for itself.

Mum convinces the kid to release the poor woman and sets about standing over him. The boy is defiant, though and she will have to find a more creative way of disciplining him. Safe to say, he won’t be getting any ice cream tonight.

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