Coach Jumps Over The Cage To Save His Fighters Life From A Psychopath Referee

There are lots of dangerous sports around and people often get injured. When it comes to injuries or incidents, MMA, without a doubt, is the most dangerous one. In order to finish an opponent, MMA fighters perform a lot of dangerous moves, especially when they wrestle on the ground.

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In the Super Fight League, Asha Roka of the Sher-E-Punjab met versus Hannah Kampf of the Bengaluru Tigers in the semi-final. The fight had quite an alarming finish that left fans with mouths open.

The fight was going well until the second minute in the third round when Asha Roka managed to pull well-performed guillotine choke on Hannah Kampf. From the video, we can see that the guillotine choke has Hannah Kampf gasping for breath.

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Kampf tried to push herself with her feet off the cage in order to escape Roka’s guillotine, but Roka was putting more and more pressure on the choke, leaving Kampf powerless.
Strangely the referee did not seem concerned about this choke becoming a potential incident backed off a step and let the fighters do their job.

A moment later, Kampf exhausted and left powerless from the choke starts going numb and her legs and arms are losing motion, falling on the ground. At this point, it is clear that Kampf will lose consciousness if someone does not interfere. But the referee still thinking that he has the situation under control watches the fighters closely and allows them to continue.


In addition, Kampf with her last energy tries to raise up her arm to warn the referee. The referee mistakes the raising of hand as a part of the fight still is delusional about what is going on. Fortunately, Kampf’s cornerman charges to the ring and throws in the towel.

The referee with his mind elsewhere does not notice the towel keeps standing by the fighters. At this point, the cornerman was forced to interfere and save Kampf’s life. He grabbed and pulled Roka away in order to stop the fight. Fortunately, Kampf managed to regain consciousness and capture the lost breath from the immense choking.

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The referee’s incompetence was only alarming to Kampf’s life. However, it did not influence the outcome of the fight. Asha Roka emerges victorious and leads to the finals of Super Fight League. In conclusion, MMA with all the deadly moves is still safer than boxing.

But that safety is only efficient as long as the referee follows the fight thoroughly. It will not be long before a similar incident occurs if the referees keep acting incompetent and not invest any interest in the fight. For a more precise picture of what happened in the Super Fight League semi-final, be sure to watch the following video:

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