Cocky Dude Quickly Finds Out His Ex Hits Way Harder Than Amanda Nunes


It goes without saying that men should never hit women. Despite coming a long way towards equality, there are physical advantages that men possess that can not be overlooked. Men shouldn’t use their size and hormonal balance to overpower those members of the fairer sex.

But men’s resolve can be severely tested especially when a woman goes on the physical attack, knowing full well that she is untouchable as the man would be labelled a woman-basher if he lays a hand on her but she can do whatever she wants to him.


The clip below shows exactly that. When a woman confronts a man believed to be a recent ex in the smoking section of a bar. He sits calmly on the side and is apparently not welcome there. We don’t know whether he is sitting in close proximity to her to antagonize her or he is just minding his own business.

Anyhow, the woman, clad in denim shorts and black singlet confronts the man who is sitting down. She tells him in no uncertain terms to get out. But he sits there calmly, perhaps a little drunk, but totally placid. But then the woman, who is already pretty worked up boils over and begins smacking him in the face.

Her smacks turn to punches and connect solidly. Her boxercise classes are obviously coming in handy here as she pummels the man. But unbelievably he does not retaliate. He gets to his feet whilst still being beaten.

She loses her footing, falling over, but as he disappears into a crowd of men, she pursues him and delivers a final blow. The assembled crowd of bar-goers ooh and ahh at every blow but don’t seem to really take things seriously.

Dude Calls His Ex A “Repulsive Woman” That Sends Her Into A Rage Spiral

Guys get a bad rap for calling women crazy. But here is a classic example of where it is justified. We don’t think that anyone, regardless of gender can justify her assault on the man. Check out the savage attack by this man-basher on the player below.

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