Dude gets the daylights beat out of him for smacking a little person


We love a bit of trash talk in the lead up to a big fight. It’s a fixture of big-league fighting which is emulated down to street level. There is a disturbing trend that the bigger the mouth, usually the harder they fall, but the clip below is a solid exception. A spat between a Hispanic dude and huge lanky black guy has boiled over and looks like it’s coming to blows. The tall guy points out that he has never been beaten in his 32-years and is good to fight whenever.

The stoush is apparently ongoing between the two rival gangsters of the ghetto suburb. The tall guy points out during his trash talk that the Hispanic guy and his dirtbag mates racked his little brother’s Nintendo and the only reason he didn’t kick the living sh*t out of them was that his girlfriend was there to stop him. Hectic stuff over a Nintendo.

After seeming so in control of the situation and being able to use his words and prowess to diffuse the situation. The tall guy flips out and starts smacking the Hispanic guy saying “Let’s Go!”. Of course, the Hispanic guy takes the bait and unleashes, trying to fell the tall guy in a single strike. But the tall guy lives up to his trash-talk and can seriously handle himself in a street fight.



He dodges and weaves with every strike coming his way evaded with aplomb. His counter punches are absolute stingers as well. We hear him connect solidly with the Hispanic guy’s jaw on multiple occasions causing him to wince and cover-up. This enables the tall guy to harass and picks him off at will.

Eventually, the fight makes it to the corner of the yard and the tall guy lays uppercuts and hooks at will, making a mess of the Hispanic guy’s head. It’s a pretty brutally one-sided affair as sadly, many of these street fights end up becoming.

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