Eminem Fan Sucker Punches Machine Gun Kelly During Live Concert


If you’re into the rap music scene, it will come to no surprise that news of Eminem’s ongoing feud with less-known talent Machine Gun Kelly is flying around the interweb with increasing momentum. The two white rappers have traded punches in lyrical and verbal form since 2012 with the two releasing diss track songs such as MGK’s ‘Rap Devil’ and Eminem responding with ‘Killshot’. It all started back in 2012 when Machine Gun Kelly referred to a then-16-year-old photo of Marshall’s daughter as ‘Hot As F*ck’.

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The dirty call was responded to somewhat aggressively by Eminem who no longer played MGK’s music on his radio channel, Shade 45. The move was called out by MGK in an interview in 2015. The sentiment was echoed on one of the Ohio product’s latest songs, ‘Rap Devil’. Despite the huge rift, the artists are both signed to the same record label and there are rumblings that the label is cashing in on the beef in order to promote and sell records. It would be a pretty smart move that has been done before.

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But loyal fans don’t buy it, making their allegiances clear in social media comments voicing support for either party. Then there are the die-hard fans who physically go in to bat for their heroes. Like the crazy unit in the clip below who actually showed up at a Machine Gun Kelly gig just to flip him off and try to lay hands on him. The clip, shot from two angles shows the crazed fan sticking his middle finger up at the rapper who seems unphased.


He is flanked by security personnel who make moves to shew the fan away. Then he makes a below the belt strike at the rapper, who just keeps rapping. Ever the professional! Security doesn’t even call for the douchebag to be removed, he is free to express himself using the medium of attempted assault! Check out the footage here:

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