Experienced Boxer uses the famous ‘Dempsey Roll’ to Eliminate a Bully


Street fights usually end up as a flurry of poor technique and aggression. How often do we see footage of street fights where wild haymakers are thrown, miss by a mile and use up a bunch of the fighter’s energy. Well, the below video is the exact opposite of that. The clip a perfect showcase of keeping your head, remembering your technique and making your shots count.


The thing that makes this so special is that the fighter uses a technique known as the ‘Dempsey Roll’ to floor his opponent. We see that despite being several inches shorter, it is not him who ends up in the dirt. The crowd is mighty impressed by his performance as well, with the girl filming the action getting incredibly aroused by the display.


Jack Dempsey was born into a poor Mormon family. As a teenager, he would try to make money by challenging men to fight in saloons. He was famed for using the phrase “I can’t sing and I can’t dance, but I can lick any SOB in the house.” This led to him becoming a bodyguard and then a professional boxer. Known as the ‘Manassa Mauler’, Dempsey was famed for having a potent mix of aggression and precision. He was able to knock people out by wild haymakers or by well timed and placed strikes.


The particular move he was famous for was known as the ‘Dempsey Roll’. It involves quickly lowering his height whilst advancing on his opponent swinging left to right with body punches. As the opponent got off balance he raised his punches to the head in order to knock them out. It is a hard skill to master, but very effective as can be seen here when Dempsey used the roll to K.O Jess Willard in 1919. The video below is nearly a carbon copy of this technique. We see its effectiveness has not waned in 100 years!

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