Fedor’s Convicted Felon Little Brother Beats The Brakes Off Bob Sapp



If you of think former Heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko as a scary dude, wait til you meet his younger brother Aleksander! The 36-year-old is just as much of a killer in the cage with a psychotic edge that only prison can give you. He was jailed in 2015 for sexual assault – a charge he denies and has fought to this day. He was released in 2016, returning to his MMA career a leaner and meaner machine than before he went into the clink.


Whilst he hasn’t lost since he came out of prison, the clip below is taken from way back in 2014 when he lined up against fellow heavyweight hard man Bob Sapp. To set the scene a little, Sapp was a big figure in the MMA and kickboxing worlds. But after a promising start, his record in MMA had slumped to 11-18. This fight was an opportunity for the big Colorado local to get back on the winners’ list.


But coming up against the brother of a Heavyweight champ, in his home nation was never going to be an easy feat. Emelianenko was 21-6 and in devastating form going into the fight. And the contest was actually just as one-sided as the figures predicted.



Sapp was in no mood to muck around as he launched into attack from the opening bell. Emelianenko was content to defend and sit back, calmly evaluating his over-zealous opponent and picking out his weaknesses. After an early clinch, the fighters reset.


Emelianenko looked a little more aggressive this time going in for a big combination that left Sapp rattled. From there he didn’t waste any time, taking the American to task landing punch after punch in a vicious display. All in all the fight lasted a mere 1:18.


Check out the highlights from the famous fight on the player below.

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