Floyd Mayweather Will Fight Nate Diaz In A UFC “Special Rules Match”


Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. is widely considered the greatest Boxer to ever walk the planet earth. Since knocking out two division UFC champion Conor McGregor , Floyd has been flirting with the idea of an MMA fight.

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Floyd made another dabble in the MMA arena as he took on Japanese MMA star Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition match in Rizin FF. Over the past few weeks Floyd has made headlines as he announced that the UFC offered him $1. Billion for a 4 fight contract.

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UFC president Dana White confirmed the rumors and made it clear that Khabib will only be fighting MMA but Dana has another opponent in mind for Floyd. Over this past weekend, Dana White sat down with Floyd and his team to discuss a contract.

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According to reports, Floyd was offered a 4 fight deal worth over $1 Billion dollars where he would face 3 contenders before a final bout with either Khabib or Conor McGregor depending on who’s the champion at that time.


According to our sources inside the Money Team, Floyd has been training Wrestling and MMA for the past 5 years with a US Olympian and we we’re also told that the meeting with Dana was a success and Floyd is not interested in fighting 4 MMA bouts.

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Floyd is only interested in a money fight and is not interested in fighting McGregor again seeing how easily he beat him the first time. Floyd has his sights set on Nate Diaz at a 152 lb catchweight MMA fight with ‘Special Rules’. We couldn’t get any info on the rules proposed but Dana is scheduled to sit down with Nate Diaz and his camp in the next couple weeks with an offer of at least $150 million for the bout. Check back for more information soon.

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  1. Oh leave it already what’s the point of bringing floyd in it’s a waste of money for a fight that won’t ammuse anyone or take anyone’s interest unless it’s a full MMA fight all these rules so floyd gets a boxing match in a cage with a MMA fighter is fucking pathetic I wouldn’t waste money to see it paper view so I don’t see why people would waste money on tickets like the article says he wants a money fight not a challenge and a real MMA fight mcgregor went over to boxing with the only change of it being lighter Gloves so why not put floyd in a cage with the only rule change being boxing gloves it would affect grappling slightly more but he’s always been a pussy fighter and has to make it in odds for his self this shit really fucks me off #FloydHangUpYourGloves

  2. Bang on the nail if he fight an MMA fighter it should be MMA rules you didn’t see the original UFC catering to specific styles it was all and that’s the way it should be for him.

  3. I won’t be wasting my money or time unless it’s a mma Fight. Fuck Floyd and his special rules! That are only there to save his ass! Yet he wants mma guys to box and that’s it! It’s all Bullshit… He’s a coward for those type of negotiations moves so he’s always at an advantage. The las “Kid” he boxed was a 127lbs at 5’3 in height, in Rizzin!

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