“I’m Going To Just Walk Away Okay?” He Was Warned, Multiple Times

Size isn’t everything. If combat sports have taught us anything it is that being the bigger man in the fight doesn’t guarantee success. Whether it is Jack Dempsey vs Jess Willard in boxing, Mirko Cro Cop vs Hong Man Choi in kickboxing, or Ikuhisa Minowa vs Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch in MMA, we’ve learned time and time again that technique can overcome size.


Having a size advantage in a physical confrontation can be beneficial but only when someone knows how to use it. In this video, we see exactly that. A larger man thinking that size alone will allow him to easily knock the smaller man out, but as so often, it doesn’t exactly go that way.

We’re told that the altercation was initially provoked over a disagreement about a golf cart. The younger and smaller man proves that he is above the argument by walking away. But it does not end there. The bigger guy, not content to just leave the argument as it is, keeps talking smack. The man stalks after the smaller guy despite the fact that the confrontation could’ve quite easily ended there. Big dude clearly had to assert his dominance though.

He probably wishes he didn’t after what happened next. The big guy attempts to land a complete sucker punch as the man turns away, but he clearly isn’t fazed. The smaller guy slips the punch before retaliating with an immense, giant-slaying, right cross.


The big guy eats the first shot with relative ease but there was more where that came from. Two further successive right hands from the smaller guy both land clean and cause the man to fall completely unconscious to on the concrete road. Clearly shocked at the events unfolding, the guy filming in the golf cart exclaims. “f**k he slept his ass.”

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