Joe Rogan “Jon Jones The Greatest Of All Times Is Working As An Informant”


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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has dominated the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons, he’s failed another PED test before his fight this past weekend with Alexander Gustafsson. Jones who had just come off a year and a half of no steroid testing had to re-enroll in the USADA program last month and it didn’t take long before something fishy happened.

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The most corrupt athletic commission in combat sports, the Nevada State commission didn’t believe they could fool the public on this one so they declined giving Jones a license so the UFC moved the event to California where Jones took an emergency steroid test that surprisingly came back clean.


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Jones was allowed to fight with the performance enhancers in his system and he thoroughly dominated. The truth is, Jones was supposed to be suspended for 2 years but his sentence was reduced because he volunteered to become an informant for USADA for the rest of his career. UFC Commentator Joe Rogan explains the situation on a recent podcast with UFC Steroid Specalist Jeff Novitzky. Check it out:

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