MMA Fighter Disqualified For Using Video Game Finisher On Unconscious Opponent


In MMA, fighters are taught to fight until the referee waves off the fight. The move which essentially sees the duty of care passed from the fighter to the man in charge has always been contested by pundits saying that if it is clear that an opponent is unconscious, there is little to no reason why the fighter needs to dive in for a ground and pound. Some see the pummeling of defenseless fighters as not only unnecessary but barbaric. In the video below, we see something totally different.

Fighter DQ’d After Throwing A Double Axe-Handle Smash At Unconscious Opponent

The Battlefield Fight League threw up one of the weirdest finishes to a fight that you will see. The Amateur Welterweight Title fight between Perry Hayer (5-7) and Austin Batra (4-1) was staged at the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver and a hotly contested fight saw current champion Batra gain the upper hand. A superb fake right, left hook combination caught Hayer off guard and we see the Canadian’s eyes roll back immediately, crashing to the deck. With the referee swooping in immediately to call off proceedings, there was no way Batra couldn’t see that Hayer was done.

The referee could see it, the crowd could see it, even Hayer himself knew and he was unconscious, that’s how obvious it was! But Batra was not done, executing a huge leap, over the referee to deliver a double axe-handle smash. The slow-motion footage below does justice to the height and distance that the athletic leap got. But as majestic as it was in isolation, the move was absolutely stupid, bordering on cowardly, when directed at a clearly unconscious man.


This tweet from Fight For Something said it all: “Wow. Craziness at #BFL57. Austin Batra KOs Perry Hayer but gets disqualified for this unnecessary jumping asshole finish. Wild stuff.” Battlefield Fight League released this statement: “Controversy tonight The champ Austin Batra dot disqualified and Perry Hayer walked away as the champion…Full details coming soon.” Batra was disqualified and stripped of his title for the act seeing a clearly scattered Hayer given the belt. Check out the startling footage on the player below.

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