New Video Emerges Of A Shook Khabib Hiding On Bus While Conor Rampaged

Earlier this year, the world was presented with startling images of UFC champion Conor McGregor going absolutely off his head as he and a bunch of his entourage attacked a tour bus transporting a bunch of UFC fighters from a promotional event for UFC223.

The incident happened at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York as the tour bus was set to depart. McGregor was seen to throw a solid metal dolly at the window of the bus, which narrowly avoided injuring several fighters. McGregor’s attempts to then throw a bin through the window were thwarted by security. After the brazen attack, McGregor and his men scampered away to safety. But not for long as the whole episode was caught on camera by several people from several angles.

The footage was then used by New York prosecutors to apprehend and charge McGregor with assault, criminal mischief and other crimes for his role in the brawl. His acute motives for instigating the unprovoked attack are still unknown, however, the Irishman had administered several bold tweets voicing disdain for the UFC’s decision to strip him of his lightweight title as a result of him Accepting his lucrative boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

McGregor entered into a plea deal in July which saw him served with 5 days of community service, payment of damages and an anger management course. The lenient sentence was well-received by McGregor

“I’d like to say to my friends, my family and my fans. Thank you for your support,” he said.
New footage dropped by Al Iaquinta in April shows another unseen angle of the action. McGregor is incredibly angry as he screams at those on the bus. Whilst most of the fighters seem pretty relaxed about everything, it is hard to ignore a concerned and maybe even afraid Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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