Not Knowing A Real Person Is Inside, Deontay Wilder Breaks Mascot’s Jaw

Deontay Wilder took on a giant mascot while making an appearance on Spanish TV


Admit it. There have been times when you have wanted to punch a mascot. Whether it is another sporting team’s chicken, parading around after the other team scores, or just Goofy being an asshole as Disneyland, the urge to hit a cartoon character can come on quick, and come on strong. We rarely get to act on the impulse, but one man did, and thankfully the cameras were rolling, catching it all. The ESPN show, Nacion, played host to boxing champ Deontay Wilder, recently. The heavyweight champ was on deck to promote his December 1st bout with challenger Tyson Fury.

During an episode of Nacion ESPN, the world heavyweight champion took down his opponent

Part of his appearance involved a scene with a giant mascot tortilla in a sombrero. The tortilla, branded with the show’s logo and sporting a magnificent mustache stands a few paces away from Wilder. We know what is going to happen next as Deontay, one of the hardest punchers in the world, takes a short run up, delivering an amazing right cross to the mascot. Well, the mascot takes the punch. Doubles over in pain, writhing around on the floor clutching his jaw. It has been reported that he, in fact, broke the jaw of the man inside the suit.

The moustachioed man failed to get up from Wilder's devastating right hook in the studio 

But regardless of how serious the incident was, it is still hilarious to see the mascot take the punch. Later in the show, Deontay threatened dummy, getting all up in its grill, saying: ‘I’m gonna beat you, you little gypsy king. I’ma knock you out,’ he said, addressing a rubber dummy.


‘I can’t wait til December the first. The people is in for a treat,’ ‘I said I was gonna knock you out. I’ve just got one question. When I knock your body on the canvas, which foot do you want me to step over you with? The right or the left?’ ‘I’ll let you decide.’ Check it out here!

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