Son Of The Year Beats His Stepfather To A Bloody Pulp For Smacking His Mother


Domestic violence is a disgusting act that can’t go unpunished. The trauma that it causes its victims, both male and female is far-reaching and deep. The faster this repugnant act is eradicated from society, the better. Footage has emerged of a teenager taking a dominant role in teaching his stepfather a lesson for hitting his mother.

The clip opens with the stepdad who has dreadlocks getting ready to throw down with the teen who is locked and loaded, ready to kick the sh*t out of him. He bounces around in a fighting stance, daring his stand-in old man to put his hands up too. The rest of the family are there too and are actually encouraging this tribalism form of retribution. Combat has been used for years to sort out differences but this seems to take an oddly organized form.

As the fight gets underway, we see that the teen knows how to handle himself a lot better. The stepdad his little to no defense and cops some nasty whacks to the chops in the opening seconds. Despite being several years his senior, the old man has nothing on his stepson, who goes at him hammer and tong.

Now, step kids generally take a while to get to know their new step parents and it is widely documented that most will have a hard time ever feeling as close to them as they do their natural parents. It is no surprise in this case that the teenager has no qualms in not only beating up his stepdad but wanting to go on with it after it was clear that he wasn’t fighting back.

The stepson is finally dragged off, and a good thing too, because he probably would have killed him if he had his way. The family doesn’t seem terribly shocked at what has just transpired but it is safe to say the old man will think twice before hitting his wife again! Check out the throw down below:

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