VIDEO: Jon Jones – “I’ll Never Fight Cormier At Heavyweight, That’s His Zone”

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has dominated the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons, he’s failed another PED test before his fight this past weekend with Alexander Gustafsson. Jones who had just come off a year and a half of no steroid testing had to re-enroll in the USADA program last month and it didn’t take long before something fishy happened.

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The most corrupt athletic commission in combat sports, the Nevada State commission didn’t believe they could fool the public on this one so they declined giving Jones a license so the UFC moved the event to California where Jones took an emergency steroid test that surprisingly came back clean.

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After the ceremonial weigh ins, Jones talked with the media about a rematch with his rival Daniel Cormier, Check it out:


Jon Jones:
“It’s up to Daniel Cormier to challenge me to get his belt back,” Jones said Friday. “I heard that he ended up relinquishing his belt, and I think that’s a good look. But at the end of the day, I know most people know that he never was the champion. Hats off to him for being the heavyweight champion of the world, but I’ve been the light heavyweight champion since 2011. That’s just facts. That’s just facts. The belt was given to him. He has not beaten me. So, he can cancel all doubts by challenging me and really being a legit champ champ.”

Jon Jones:
“He looks good at heavyweight. He’s designed to be a heavyweight. He’s comfortable there. He naturally goes to heavyweight between every fight. That is his spot, and like I said, he makes a great heavyweight champion. Even before fighting me, he was on a tear at heavyweight. That’s his zone. I have no reason to challenge him at heavyweight, because for me it’s not personal.”

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