VIDEO: Ronda Rousey – “I’m Black”


Former UFC Champion and one of the greatest MMA Fighters of all times, Ronda Rousey was cornered by TMZ reporters recently during a day out with her family. The reporter wanted to know what movie Ronda last seen and that’s when ROnda’s mother AnnMaria De Mars stepped in.

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AnnMaria De Mars dropped a bombshell on TMZ reporters and told them that Ronda’s great grandfather was a Black man. De Mars said there movie was Before His Time and that it’s about Alfred E. Waddell, Ronda’s great grandpa. “They show it during Black History Month every year in Canada because he was one of the first Black physicians in North America.”

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According to the Daily Mail, Dr. Waddell set out for New York back in 1923, dreaming to be a doctor, as the film shows how he treated people without medical care, delivered medicine to Black communities needing it most and voiced his displeasure with social injustice as a civil rights pioneer. Check it out:


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