VIDEO: The 17 yr old ‘Russian KGB Hulk’ they’re calling ‘The Next Khabib’

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17-year-old Chechen boy Tamaev Asxab is an absolute hulking beast. There is no other way to describe him. There are not many kids out there who have clear and defined goals at the age of 15. But Tamaev was not your average kid. He set a goal of building his body, back in his mid-teens, but, now just two years later, is nothing short of phenomenal. The Russian has 773,000 followers on Instagram, which shows his transformation from a somewhat chubby boy to his beast-like physique that he shows off these days.

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He started off curling, benching and squatting with farm equipment, but also demonstrated an ability to handle himself fighting as well. The Russian is famed for his incredibly thick neck. Many of his selfies are naturally embellished with angles and flexing to really show off the meat he’s got around the neck. Video of him training this impressive feature has been shot, with him also boasting having achieved 20 inches of girth. A knife wouldn’t penetrate the thick skin and layers of muscle that form a permanent scarf, so kidnappers need not bother.

Not that they could anyway on account of his gargantuan size. We mentioned fighting earlier. A somewhat famous stoush between Asxab and Kirill ‘Popeye’ Tereshin went down as one of the more bizarre YouTube incidents of 2018 so far. Tereshin, who is famous for injecting his arms with toxic oil in order to increase their size was no match for the legitimate muscle that Asxab had been cultivating over the past two years.


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The physical, but one-sided stoush ended with Asxab forcing Tereshin to apologise for challenging him and saying hurtful things. A gentlemanly move considering option B was to eat him. Someone has put together an epic compilation of Asxab’s best work, in the gym, in public, holding grown men in a static arm curl, you know, all the normal stuff. Check it out on the player below.

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