VIDEO: The Baddest Man In Russia Takes Out 2 Dudes At Once By Himself


There’s an underground Russian street fighting league known to the Soviet underworld as the Hazmat league. These dudes tour around various locations duking it out for a cut of bookies’ earnings as well as cash prizes put up by both parties in a winner-takes-all scenario. There have been multiple champions go through Hazmat over its long history. Some have retired, some have been sensationally dethroned, but none have ever been as good as ‘Colossus’.

The 6 foot 4 giant is so big, powerful and creative in his technique that he has dominated proceedings for 5 years in Hazmat. The behemoth human man has had 48 opponents over half a decade all of which have been dispatched in severe fashion. He was so successful that bookies were offering little more than $1.01 on returns on a win.

That’s when he took matters into his own hands. After all, in Hazmat, you get a cut of the bookies’ profits. So Colossus said he would take on two challengers at the same time. Surely, even someone as dominating as him would struggle against two opponents. But when two brave souls accepted the challenge they regretted it nearly straight away as Colossus proved to be in devastating form.


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They are both ex-army, so are trained in hand to hand combat. In any other fight you would be mad not to put money on them. But they’re not taking on the man mountain Colossus himself. They come at him at the same time, but his hulking size makes it impossible for them to mount him.

He weathers kicks and parries punches. But the magnificent beast deals out heavy blows himself. It isn’t long before the challengers can’t continue. Colossus collects his purse and may have to take on three next time! Check out his performance on the player below.

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