VIDEO: UFC Insider Leaks Info That Jon Jones Failed Test For 1st Cormier Fight


Breaking news reported by ESPN earlier this week as UFC 232 has been moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles at the last minute as Jon Jones has tested positive once again and Nevada refuses to sanction the fight. According to ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto. They are claiming that a residual amount of the substance was still in his system from 2017 but it’s scientifically impossible which is why the Las Vegas Commission has pulled the event.

This move has caused quite the drama among the fighters on the card as most fighters were flying in today will have to push their weight cuts back a day or 2 in order to move their friends and families from Vegas to California and set them up with lodging and transportation. As if that wasn’t bad enough, UFC Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes brought to attention the fact that they were fighting in Nevada, a no income tax state so the money they had planned for the holidays will now be cut by 30% as the fighters in the UFC are not employees and must pay a Self Employment tax where California is the highest in the united states at 30%:

UFC insider and Yahoo writer Dave Meltzer is widely known in the Combat Sports world as one of the most respectable reporters in the game. Today on his podcast he went into great detail about the lies he’s been being told by the UFC and USADA. Meltzer also reveals something that fans always wondered about. When Daniel Cormier 1st fought Jon Jones, Jones was flagged with having an “Abnormal Test”. This was before USADA and during this time fighters were only tested on fight week.


The test results showed that Jones testosterone levels were so low, that he shouldn’t have been able to get out of bed, basically he was on deaths door. This ‘Abnormality’ is very common in Bodybuilders who are cycling off a steroid program. An interview with Victor Conte interview about Jones ‘Abnormal’ Steroid tests for the first Cormier fight:

Victor Conte:
“These are highly suspicious for Jon Jones, in my opinion,” Conte said. “This is the reason that sophisticated anti-doping officials do target testing. So based on what we see here, my opinion is Jon Jones should be on a very short leash and should be random tested here until they sort out why he has these anomalies.”

Victor Conte:
“The question is what was suppressing his testosterone production for that period of time. Something caused it to go down, and I do not believe it was overtraining,” Conte said. “Exogenous testosterone and other steroids in a period of time, depending on dosage and method of administration, can completely shut your testosterone and epitestosterone levels in urine to 0….The levels being low there can be many explanations. [People say], ‘Well maybe it’s because he was taking cocaine.’ There’s no solid science out there that shows cocaine lowers testosterone.

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Victor Conte:
“Typically without using drugs with black males, 50 to 150 would be the normal range [for testosterone], compared to Jon Jones came back his highest level was 4.9. Even on the low end he’s only got 10 percent of that. It’s really, really low,” Conte continued. “It wasn’t just that one time. The first part of December when he tested again the second time it’s still relatively low. Those are in my opinion just highly suspicious, very, very low levels.”

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