VIDEO: UFC Official “God I Hope Tyron Woodley Gets Knocked Out”


UFC president Dana White has attended every single Post Fight Press Conference for Pay-Per-View cards of the last 112 UFC events.

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Well, last Saturday night was different, the UFC and Dana put over $7 Million dollars in marketing behind Darren Till as he was set to be the future of UFC in Europe.

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Dana made it clear the day before the fight that he doesn’t like Tyron Woodley and hopes he losses his title but things didn’t turn out the way he hoped.

Woodley in turn made Till look like an absolute scrub fighter as he landed 74-1 strikes over 2 rounds. Dana was extremely angry when putting the belt on Woodley’s waist and he immediately was seen leaving the building skipping the press conference.

On the latest episode of Brendan Schaub’s Below the Belt Podcast, Schaub reveals that his “friend” who works in the UFC offices told him that the common theme in the company is that Woodley needs to lose and they hate him. Schaub also revealed some shocking information, check it out:

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