Conor McGregor DNA Taken By Irish Police In Sexual Assault Investigation

Today ‘The New York Times’ newspaper broke the story that Conor McGregor is under investigation with the Irish Police for an alleged sexual assault in Dublin, Ireland.

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Conor was arrested and held at the Dundrum Garda station in January where he was questioned. They took DNA samples from Conor who gave his consent.

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The alleged assault took place the night of December 9th and continued into the next morning when the complaint was made by a woman who made a formal statement and took a rape kit.

“The woman making the allegation said it occurred at the Beacon Hotel, an establishment attached to a business park on the edge of Dublin. There is little to suggest it would be a haunt for one of Ireland’s best-known sports figures, a multimillionaire with a loyal, global fan base. McGregor is an occasional guest there, usually booking its sole penthouse room, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. The last and most recent visit occurred in December.”

“Irish news media have reported on the case since news of the assault first broke late last year, but without naming McGregor. Laws in Ireland restrict the news media from identifying individuals charged with rape unless they are convicted, which has not happened in this case. News outlets reporting the identity of a suspect before a charge is brought often face costly libel and breach of privacy lawsuits in Ireland. Publication after a charge is filed could lead to a more serious contempt of court indictment.”

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“The Beacon is about a 25-minute drive from Crumlin, the working-class South Dublin neighborhood where McGregor grew up. Its typical guests are white-collar workers tied to the financial services or technology companies that have recently relocated to the area. Still, people familiar with the hotel operations, speaking on condition of anonymity, said McGregor had visited before the night the police say the incident took place. He booked the hotel’s penthouse, the only two-room suite in the facility.”

“The police investigating the attack retrieved evidence from the room McGregor stayed in and have also secured closed-circuit camera footage, according to a person with knowledge of the investigation.”

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