High School Student Charged With ‘Attempted Murder’ After Bully Beatdown

A Charleston High School student has been charged with attempted murder after losing his cool on a classmate.

Teachers and fellow students have stood up for the kid claiming that he has been the subject of constant and vicious bullying for years.

Apparently he reached his boiling point and finally snapped. But he went a little bit too far. Check it out:

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      1. All u niggas tripping he only shouldv got hit 3 times not 11 and kicked, he started to have a sizure because looks like dude snapped his neck by tht kick, and he should go to jail

        1. better he got a beat down because i bet if the kid who was beating him up was to commit suicide it wouldn’t be that big of a problem to the bully he probably would’ve laughed it off he got what he deserves bullying him for years

    1. 1st off there is no certain way a bully should look. Also the school system loves to blow off bullying like its not real. Now I’m not condoning the ass whooping he got but enough is enough for any human being

      1. This kid should be In jail. That’s not ok. And that’s bull that no one stepped in and stopped him the kid was bleeding from his head, all you other people are just as bad that just let him do that, and for you people that just laughed you should also be in jail, you rather sit there a record and laugh then step then you just as bad. That kid could of been dead. People should feel safe in school not feel in danger.

        1. He shouldn’t be charged with anything. The bully got what was coming to him! You can’t be an asshole hurting others and not expect them to fight back. Bet you that bully won’t do that shit again!

        2. You are absolutely right, kids should feel safe in school. And since reports say that the kid getting punched was bullying the student punching him and had been for years. Why is it okay that the one being bullied isn’t allowed to feel safe? Because to him he most likely attacked due to years of not feeling safe. Maybe it’s important to look at the root of the problem before you start making assumptions and disregarding all of the information provided.

        3. Shouldn’t have been bullying mfs. You can only try and punk mfs for so long before they had enough. Most kids take they OWN life. He stood up for himself. He had enough.

        4. Kids shouldn’t bully either. He probably been worn and kept doing it. People can only take so much. Bet he won’t mess with anyone else again lol

        5. Let’s be clear, if they don’t step in when he is getting bullied they shouldn’t step in when the bully gets his ass kicked. Also probably made the world a better place by showing bullies can get their medicine if they keep being bad people.

        6. Sound so stupid. He should’ve kept beating his ass because people never learn. Since the parents don’t kno disipline. Fuck that he was already nice for the whole year. Yes I would break your neck too !! Especially high school days.. people are worse when they don’t kno

        7. Oh get off your high horse , if I seen someone get bullied for years ; you’re damn right I’ll be standing there letting him get in his punches. People like you piss me off. Instead of saying this kid should be in jail , why not look into why he snapped out ? Maybe he has some sort of mental issue. Like lol fuck off

        8. So everybody should go to jail for watching and it’s just as simple for the other boy to kill himself you don’t know what he did to him maybe he warned him and if I’m bullying you why would I keep my guard down he got beat his on that’s a life lesson he pussy now let’s see if he will try to fight

        9. And what if the kid being bullied suicided? Thats worse than the bully bleeding.The kid defended himself no matter what

    2. School board should face the consequences for allowing kids to bully others.
      Far as this kid goes, he shouldn’t be charged with nothing.

    3. He did the right thing protect his self shouldn’t no kid go to school an not feel safe he’s been bullied so many times

  1. This is why America’s bullying problem will never end. Charged with attempted murder? As if “tell the adults” ever did anything for anyone. Betcha he won’t do it again.

    1. Bro all he did was punch him n stomp on him once the bully shouldn’t have been a bully if he know he can’t take hits🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. he was not bullied and for the ppl saying he got what he deserved. Are yall dumb. I bet its the aggressive black race as usual. dude tried to kill him amd got what he had coming. attemoted murder charge u get

        1. Stop being fucking racist. The kid was bullied and obviously no one ever did anything to help him and he finally snapped. He took his safety and well-being into his own hands and finally stood up for himself.

          1. nah doesnt matter what race the kid is, and as far as being bullied, i feel for the kid as i too was bullied in HS. That being said, there was a point where he hesitated after the first punch was thrown, rocked the kid… he knew the guy was already out and that he had won the violent encounter… hesitated a moment… then went to town and stomped the kids head.. what he did after he hesitated is what defined this as an attempted murder in my eyes. hes lucky the other guy is still breathing.

        2. You full of shit. If he was white he wouldn’t have these same charges. So stop ur dumb stupid shit ok asswip

    2. Bully victims should grow thicker skin to ignore them because people have to know that bullying will never completely disappear. And bully’s, you gotta learn how to mind your own damn business and focus on yourself rather take out anger on others. If this kid was never bullied in the first place or didn’t let it get to him then he wouldn’t of reacted especially the way that he did. Y’all can’t be shocked. If you keep messing with a dog he’ll eventually bite. Just saying.

      1. and youre probably a person who breaks the law and blames the cops for getting in trouble for doing illegel things. But when someone breaks into your house and steals all your stuff who do you call? Oh thats right the cops. This is why everyone thinks Americans are stupid.

  2. He did not look like the type of kid who gets bullied. This story is BS. If I had to go by the vid with no other info, I’d say the charges are on point.

    1. He did take it too far! If he was being bullied should of went to an adult but even then teachers & parents don’t do shit about it anyways. We don’t know the actual story so let’s not point fingers at either one

      1. My child was getting bullied an pick on to the point she started shaving her face at 10 yrs old an not liking herself she didn’t want to make things worst on her by telling the teachers or me. Instead we caught her shaving an her best friend came an told me about what going on. Not every bully looks bad r thugish. Some r lil girl with pig tails r clean cut lil button up Callor shirt wearing fellow. That comes from good home that well off. Believe it r not some bullies r smaller than the ones they pick on. Bullys don’t have a certain size shape r color. We don’t know how to kids r away from us. We just pray our kids do right an treat other the way they want to be treated.

      1. If someone is constantly picking teasing making fun of r whatever these bully’s do. Eventually what’s does these ppl expect if nothing been done about. Bc alot of time if you got money r your parents r family member is friends r church members r politics the bullies get away with it. While the ones taking it an constantly being mentally beat on suffers. They reach a breaking point some finally fight back an others take there on life’s. At least he chose to stand up an fight back. Maybe now instead of letting these problem children go y’all start doing the right thing an kicking their asses out of school. It ashame he charge with attempt murder smh. The Lil girl from SC getting pick on an bullied an nothing was done than finally these bully’s jump her an she died an all they get is suspended. That’s a slap to the mom face of the precious baby girl that list her life to bullies. Something wrong with the big pic here. In both cases the ones who getting bullied looses the most.

    2. So now there’s a type on who can and can’t be bullied based off what they look like? I don’t think so people like you are what’s wrong in today’s world. Anyone of any color, race, size, or how they look can be bullied by anyone.

      1. Yes there is a type there is the weak and scared and then there is this dude that looks like he beats people for lunch money on the regular, I was bullied as a kid and let me tell you I couldn’t let loose like this boy is, he had the chance to stop after the other child went down and was out cold but he chose to keep going and try to beat him to death. So in return he gets whats coming to him a attempted murder charge. Sad to see a life ruined because of poor parenting or lack of supervision but if it was your child having to be famous over a viral beat down im sure you’d want the same penalty!

        1. No not true at all. This kid was pushed to the edge. The constant harassment builds up on people. Theres been kids as low as 10 years old killing them selves from it! The only lack of parenting I see is on the parents of the bully. Someone can only handle so much mentally.

    3. What does a kid who gets bullied look like ? Your ignorant asf , I can’t see you but I’m assuming you’re a white man who thinks black people are always the problem, when you are DEFINITELY THE PROBLEM

    4. what does someone who gets bullied look like exactly!!!!!!???????
      that is the most ignorant sentence I have seen today

    5. So what does a kid that gets bullied looks like my daughter gets bullied I got bullied. Being bullied has no type of look smdh.

      1. Ill I’m say is smdh. Some of these comments about this boy couldn’t be getting bullied an this dude that got beat up is the victim. Y’all be blinded by the size of the person r whatever y’all basing it on it you want too. I have seen all shape an sizes that got pick on an bullied. Shape of a person doesn’t matter. Not all bigger ppl r born to fight r to take up for them self. Smh

  3. Yes i did this to 2 guys when i was 13years old after a full year of bulling i had enuf and beat the shit out of both of them in the 3rd to last week of school !!!They both spent 3-5 weeks in hospital !! As we were moving to another town too and i was pissed we were moving but what i heard they never bulled again after that !!

  4. Agreed. We dont know the story. However, if it had gone to teacherd and principle and had attempted tries at resolution then so be it. The bully got what was coming.
    If chances were given and the school failed to do its job (protecting the students) then I guess we just have to see it as the kid was driven to the point of insanity and onoy the bully can be held accountable.

  5. Going to a teacher or parent never solves the problem! 1. He/She would get called ‘Snitch’ if they did. They wouldnt stop bullying after that anyways this is why you should take matters into your own hands, but maybe not that far. You should never let another kid punk you down….. you better show that mf whats up

  6. Why would the charges be on point? Because the kid is black? Is that what makes him “not the type to get bullied”

  7. The amount of blood made the “attacker” take multiple steps back, as if he didn’t want as much damage to happen. If someone was talking serious damaging talk on purpose and telling a lot of people, I’d suckerpunch them when they don’t expect it.. and prob hit multiple times if I knew the “victim” would live. I’d want to teach that bully a deep lesson.

  8. Am I missing something here…. Teachers stand by him saying he was bullied….. THEN WHY DIDNT YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT????????

    1. It’s always go to teacher… They act like they “care” and will “take care” of the problem. But does nothing.

  9. That lad looked like he could defend himself against a bully :s agree with giving him a beating but not the kicking when he was already fucked up part think the lad learnt after just the punches

  10. I believe the bully got what he deserved 💯 I believe the boy who was being bullied and actually stood up for himself shouldn’t be charged. In my opinion because he was standing up for himself. Rather the boy was white or blue or black or any onlther race. IT DOESNT MATTER (STAND UP FOR YOURSELF) (DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO) I mean instead of the bully getting what he deserved, what if the bully would’ve pushed the kid to shicide then everyone would look at it for being the bullies fault. This is what you get for bullying. Maybe the kid will learn next time.

  11. To say that’s what that bully gets, is the equivalent of saying school shootings are justified since they were bullied.

  12. The article said teachers said he had been bully for years. So an adult knew about it and it changed nothing. Being charged for attempted murder it’s a bit much. Had something been done to the one that was doing the bullying, wouldn’t even came to this.

  13. Anybody sayin the charges are on point must be a racist bet if the roles were reversed and the white boy came out victorious y’all would sticc up for him. People Nd to learn to leave people tf alone

  14. Lies! This happened in 2015 at a Baltimore High School. It wasn’t a bullying incident. The guy suspected the victim had stolen something sand lashed out. Stop with the click bait

  15. He deserves charges they kid he beat the shit out of was convulsing. I don’t care if he was bullied or not he took it way to far.

  16. But is ok to not charge the bully for being a bully🤷🏻‍♀️ If the person they bully commit suicide 🤦‍♀️ Is that how it’s gonna work now?

    So you mean to tell me is ok for a bully to get beat up and charge the one the goes to school to learn and further his education while the clown gets to bully aand get a 🏅 ooook this generation is getting better and better!

    God bless this generation!

  17. Little excessive. I think knocking him out cold was enough. I’m a man of rage, but I always know when to quit.

  18. Nah you talk shit you get hit. Plain and simple if someone bullying me I beat their ass like you want to act tough then let’s act tough. Kid shouldn’t get charged with attempted murder he brought fist to cuffs, better then all these kids bringing fucking guns into schools. I’d rather see two kids fight rather then firearms being involved.

  19. This is what’s wrong with the black race. Everyone thinks their owed something when they act like ignorant degenerats!! There was no bullying but he can just add to the statistics for locked up African racr. Affirmative action at it’s best!

  20. The bully got what he deserve don’t talk trash if you can’t back it up and the boy didn’t do anything but punch and stomp home once it’s not attempted murder it’s just showing why you don’t mess with people and their image

    1. He definitely did not hit him once but go off. Plus the guy looked like he started having a seizure after, didn’t even throw one hit during the fight. Not to mention the first hit was enough to knock him out he had already lost after that but the guy kept hitting him, so that is a bit too far.

  21. The race doesn’t matter in this, sounds so retarded when people make this about race. We don’t know the facts, but it looked to me like there was a whole lot of hate in that ass whoopin. The facts will come out, and if it was bullying then good for him. It sucks that he had a seizure, but if it was a bully I bet he change his ways. This can be prevented by being parenting, or we can continue to blame race for ignorance.

  22. The race doesn’t matter in this, sounds so retarded when people make this about race. We don’t know the facts, but it looked to me like there was a whole lot of hate in that ass whoopin. The facts will come out, and if it was bullying then good for him. It sucks that he had a seizure, but if it was a bully I bet he change his ways. This can be prevented by being parenting, or we can continue to blame race for ignorance.

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